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The Aftermath of my Quarter-Life Crisis

The aftermath of my quarter-life crisis. In case you were wondering what life was like in Los Angeles here's a brief recap of 2016 and how things went.

I've moved to Los Angeles, lived here for almost a year without stable income. I'm not broke. I can afford acting classes (which are pricy), can go to the gym (parkour gym that is), and get the occasional mani/pedi. I've had more days off than in 2015, have been able to sleep in sometimes or sometimes I'm up before the birds. I've been frozen in fear and anxiety for an entire day. I've been paid more in 3 hours of work than I have in an entire week in 2015. I think I'm getting probably 35 W2's or 1099s in the next month, and yea I don't have a clue really.

Besides the struggle of finances, I've fallen in love. I've fallen (parkour and just walking). I've witnessed many close calls while driving and some close bookings with acting/stunts. I've met so many people, I'm not sure I remember 95% of their names. I've been a surgeon, hillbilly, lawyer, and 'young' mom in the same month. I've discovered the cold and warm, open and closed personalities of Los Angeles. Needless to say, I've learned far more about the entertainment industry, acting, and most importantly myself than I could've imagined had I not made the move.

Thinking about how many things had to fall in line in order to get me to where I am now, would make THE weirdest jigsaw puzzle. After seeing a bunch of posts about how 2016 was awful and it was drunk so it should go home. I, like a good little year reflector and resolution maker, decided to write this.

2016 was my proudest year yet. I'm proud of myself for taking the 'risk' and I encourage anyone with a resolution or fear of not 'making it' to do it anyway. It's never a why now? It should just be how? I've tuned out my logical brain and started listening to my heart. Well, I've not completely tuned out my logical brain, who wants to be a starving artist really? Food is delicious. I think making a plan for what you're heart wants to do is more fulfilling than anything I've experienced thus far. You may not make a boat load of money, you may not find what it is that pulled you in that direction. But you WILL learn more about yourself, learn how to communicate more effectively, how to de-freeze yourself, how to hustle to get what you need, what you REALLY do need to survive, and

how to adventure. You can do it whatever it is you want to do, if you can believe in yourself, build your confidence, and know your self-worth.

Thank you for your lessons 2016. The year I found inner peace, in all places the chaotic Los Angeles.

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